Crimella is able to offer several services to the customer because it assist him on its entire buying process, giving practical advices on how to handle the furnishing design and a complete expert and competent personnel assistance.
Crimella's philosophy has always been oriented towards the needs of the buyer of whom always carefully listens and interprets furnishing selections.

360 degrees home

Crimella's view of the house is that it has to be covered at 360 degrees, furnitures are not enough by themselves to personalize the every day environment where you are living in. There needs to be a real assistance on everything that concern furnishing a house, from painting and blacksmith jobs, to plumber's services, flooring jobs and drywalls: all aspects that need to be taken care of if you want your project to match your expectations.
This is why Crimella, knowing how hard it is to find professionals to whom you can safely commit and leave your house, has decided to help the customer also offering these services to the need, guaranteeing a direct customer/professional connection.

Transportation and Assembling process

Crimella also takes care of transportations and the assembling process, jobs only given to internal and trusted personnel. This way they make sure that inconveniences related to damage or malfunction of the product do not occur, very frequent risks in other cases.

After sales service

After buying and the assembling process, Crimella's dedication does not stop there, assistance continues, lasting longer than the usual short period insurance, a service that unfortunately most company do not guarantee.