Crimella arredamenti trademark was founded by master craftsman Luigi Crimella in 1923 in Valmadrera, Lecco, Italy.

From that moment on, three of the founder's family generations managed the company, maintaining the values that characterized the trademark from the beginning: craftsmanships passion and maximum precision to detail.

Crimella's creations are characterized by the presence of equilibrated environments, exclusive and very pleasant to live in, born from a constant dialogue between the producer and the consumer to identify individual tastes and needs, creating ideas adaptable to different kinds of clientele.

The showrooms display a wide range of furnishing choices, with a common distinctive modern style, easily customizable and represented by the perfect encounter of tradition and innovation.

The best price-quality ratio is very accurately chosen, certainly an added value in a market that keeps on evolving and changing as it does today.

Worth of notice is the company's workshop that, today as yesterday, represent the perfect place where tradition meets craftsmanships mastery.

Here, wise hands of master craftsmen shape matter making it their own, realizing customized creations to satisfy even the most demanding and particular tastes.